Daphne’s love for yoga is both accidental and coincidental. She was searching for a means to balance her life areas when she started. She tried different styles of yoga, but eventually found her home with Ashtanga, which she has been consistently practicing for almost three years now. Her choice of yoga path led her to great teachers who have been a guiding light in her journey. Realizing how much the practice has created an impact in her life, Daphne decided to take a 200-hour Teacher Training with Greenpath Yoga under Clayton Horton. Also, having been an educator of young children for almost 6 years, she is inspired to extend her passion for teaching in the classroom to sharing the peace and serenity she has achieved through her practice to others.

Daphne Paruli



Bren developed her passion for yoga while living in LA, right in the mecca of the beach and yoga community. She decided to take a yoga teacher training program with Tamal Dodge at the Exhale Centre for Sacred movement in Venice, California with the intention of deepening her knowledge and practice, and sharing it wherever she may go. She had been blessed with the opportunity to meet and practice with world-class teachers while in the US including Sri Dharma Mittra, Bryan Kest, Kathryn Budig, Shiva Rea, Govind Das, Kia Miller, Tommy Rosen, Dice Klein, Amy Ippoliti, and Rachel Brathen among others. She is a 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher under Yoga Alliance and teaches Vinyasa and Power Yoga classes accessible to all levels in a challenging yet safe, and playful yet mindful environment.

Bren Guzman Esguerra

Power Yoga, Flow


Patty is a Barre 3 and Yin yoga teacher, a student of psychology and education and a teacher by profession and by heart.  It was in  2011 when she established a regular practice in Ashtanga with teacher Joji Balcita. In 2012, she auditioned to be a Barre teacher and trained with the 2013 batch under master trainer, Joie Viado.  After relocating to the South, Patty found teacher Edith Tobias and this beautiful relationship of student-teacher still lasts until today. Through the course of her Ashtanga practice, Patty also discovered the lightness of Yin Yoga, which eventually intuitively led to her Yin Yoga teacher certification in April 2015 under the guidance of Victor Chng and Dona Tumacder- Esteban.

Patty Mortel

Yin, Ashtanga


Teacher Gladys is a seasoned fitness trainer and instructor. Aside from yoga, she has been teaching different disciplines including bellydancing, Zumba, and aerobics among others for the past 15 years. She finds balance and calmness in yoga which helps her manage her hectic life between being a wife, mom to two adorable kids, business owner of Namaste Yoga Studio & Tea Shop in Rizal and of course, a yoga teacher. Her students find her very warm and approachable which keeps them coming back to her classes.

Gladys Catanduanes

Power, Flow, Yogilates


Adi’s fascination with yoga began with a book she found in her aunt’s bookshelf when she was in high school. That fascination later developed into a passion to explore yoga deeper, so she began attending workshops and retreats which finally led to her taking a 200-Hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course at Ashtanga Vinyasa 108, RYS under the guidance of yogi Jovan Nikolic (ERYT300, RYT500) last January 5 to February 7, 2014. Adi considers herself a yoga student first, and a teacher second. She continues to learn both from her teachers and her students. Being a living proof that yoga is for everybody, she tries to structure her classes in order for students to find the balance between challenging themselves and listening to and nurturing their bodies. Experience taught her that all you really need to practice yoga is an open mind and an open heart.

Adi Dublin

Flow, Ashtanga


Shiela first stepped on the mat shortly after graduating from college last 2012. Armed with a knee-injury, she discovered that aside from its healing benefits, the practice has helped her grow stronger and more flexible with a greater sense of mindfulness. She completed her 200-hr hot vinyasa teacher training with Roanna Santos and Al Galang of Beyond Yoga last February 2015. Since then she has had the opportunity of attending workshops and training by various visiting teachers such as Brian Miller, Taylor Harkness, Dylan Werner and Master Will Lau. Her goal is to make yoga challenging but also develop greater awareness to the body and the mind.

Shiela Matias

Power Yoga, Flow


John Alfred Moen Halili completed his 200HR Yoga Teacher Training under Fitness First Registered Yoga School in 2013. He has since been offering his practice, a combination of flowing sequences connecting strong asanas with breathing, to both public and private classes. He believes that the practice is not just a way to learn the poses but to learn about our bodies and self through the poses. His favorite pose is Vrksasana because it is embodies both physical and mental connection. Gregarious in nature, his students always find him approachable both in and outside his classes.

Moen Halili

Power Yoga, Flow


Chris is a yoga instructor and a marathon runner. She was co-captain and a long distance athlete for the Ateneo Women’s Track and Field team when she turned to the practice of yoga to counter the accumulated fatigue from training. She immediately fell in love with the practice and, in 2014, took the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program with White Space Mind and Body Wellness Studio under Eileen Tupaz and Abbey Rivadelo. Since then, she has been teaching Vinyasa and Hatha yoga while incorporating athletics and rehabilitation for individuals.

Chris Benedicto



Anna is a Yoga Alliance experienced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT 200).  She took her 300-Hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher training under Clayton Horton and Anna Carbonell, and recently completed her 100-hour Mindful Birth Teacher Training program in Hong Kong, under Michelle Papa and Dr. Jean Byrne. She is certified to teach Basic Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, and Pregnancy Yoga. She is also a Reiki Level 1 practitioner. She continues to evolve in her practice and teaching through furthering her studies on yoga and its philosophies, which she actively shares in her classes. She believes that through yoga, one can develop self-awareness and mindfulness that can help the practitioner face internal and external challenges with compassion and discernment.

Anna Manalastas

Power Yoga, Ashtanga, Flow


It surprises people to know that Kat did not like yoga the first time she tried it. In fact, she did not like it enough that she didn’t finish the one-month membership she enrolled for. Feeling challenged about her hasty conclusion, however, she decided a few months after that to try a 90-day yoga challenge —and she got hooked! After a few years, in 2015, she took Vinyasa Training under Roanna Santos to deepen her practice. She also took Yin Yoga training under Jo Phee the same year. These trainings were initially meant for self-improvement. But opportunity came knocking, and the joy of sharing yoga was overwhelming —Kat started teaching yoga 5 months after finishing her course. She shares with her students the outlook that made her love yoga practice: that classes are meant to be fun and light, and a venue for challenging and discovering your self. As her mentor Teacher Ro always says, hold the pose but not the breath!

Katrina Tan

Flow, Yin


Ghia was a surfer before she became a yoga instructor. She completed her 200-Hr Teacher Training in Yoga Plus & had continuing yoga education courses in Malaysia and Cambodia. She also had the experience of teaching and assisting in community classes in Yoga Barn & Bodyworks in Bali, Indonesia. Her classes are challenging, but she manages to keep a fun and approachable practice for all.

Ghia Nabong

Flow, Power


Stef is a personable and passionate yoga teacher, dedicated to sharing the Yoga lifestyle to her eager students. She took her teacher training in Fitness First in 2011 and has been teaching since then. She has the ability to conduct warm and inviting classes that foster an invigorating, centering, and calming environment. Through the years, she has developed the ability to empathize and develop relationships with people of different abilities and from varying backgrounds. Stef teaches numerous styles including dynamic, core, gentle and aerial flow yoga.

Stef Ramos

Flow, Gentle